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ALL YOUR HARD WORK  Starring Amy K. Harmon and Michael Grant Terry,  Directed by Michael Matthews

"Nimble verbal skills and extraordinary acting commitment from Amy K. Harmon and Michael Grant Terry bring to ghoulish life a pair of former lovers who reconnect a decade after college." LA WEEKLY 

"Opposite Terry, the gorgeous Harmon positively sizzles as a young women who seems every bit as eager to seduce Jim as she is ambivalent about the reason for his surprise visit. Like her costar, Harmon lets us see beneath Mary-Ellen’s apparent self-assuredness to show us the character’s deliberately hidden wounds and her ever so human needs" -Stage Scene LA

SUMMER IN HELL by Miles Brandman

"The acting in this production was top notch, the two women especially. Ms. Harmon as Pat is charming, distant and passionate. She has a quiet intelligence that makes the way she inflicts casual pain both very dark and very disarming and makes her petty games seem, somehow, more sophisticated than they are. Quite a feat. We really want to like her, and do, ultimately, despite the games she plays" .

Leiris Picasso

"The he/she pairings were perfect...Harmon's Simon was like Bebe Neuwirth's Lileth on Cheers: upright, severe, judgmental, taking a dim view on the proceedings but then, a few drinks in, hair down, she smolders. "

Flower to Flower
At the reviewed performance, understudy Amy K. Harmon impressively went on as Martha, her ace timing and tartly deadpan delivery hardly suggesting a fill-in turn.